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  1. 5 stars
    I’m the organizer of the longest running vegan food swap meetup in the US (possibly on the continent) and for this latest meetup, I decided to make your okonomiyaki—was going to do the takoyaki but couldn’t find the pan at all the Asian markets in Philadelphia—for 9 people plus a large tasting portion for the table. Here are some notes from the experience:

    First, I am amazed by the Japanese mountain yam! The viscosity is unreal, and thank you for the suggestion to wear gloves. It shredded fine with the small hole shredder of the food processor. I’m going to experiment more with this amazing tuber, even if it is pricier than JustEgg.
    Second, recipe glitch: In the ingredients, you listed baking powder as a mild leavening agent.. In the instructions, you list it as baking soda. I went with the baking powder, and it turned out fine, though you probably should prevent heart attacks and fix the error.
    Third, my better-than-I-deserve mate makes my mayonnaise using chickpea brine and oil. For some reason, the additions to the mayo caused it to become significantly less thick, almost a watery cream. Is that texture similar to Japanese mayonnaise?
    Last, I doubled this recipe and fed the equivalent of 14 people. The size of the pancakes were about 6”, and I had both leftover Japanese mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce. Should any of your readers choose to multiply the recipe, kindly keep this in mind.

    Thank you once again for your explorations of vegan cuisine and for posting these amazing recipes! I’ll keep my eyes out for the right pan for takoyaki. And if you’re ever in Philly on the first Monday night of the month, come to Food Swap!

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