Vegan Ube Cheese Pandesal

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  1. Kate says:

    What are the measurements for all purpose flour and instant yeast?

    • Floured Frame says:


      All the measurements are provided in the recipe card above, but to answer your question, they are:

      1 ½ teaspoon – active dry yeast
      2 ½ cup (320g) – bread flour

      They are one-to-one measurements if you want to swap them for instant yeast and all-purpose flour.

    • oli says:

      Hi there, i tried it last night, but the bread didn’t turn out fluffy hence it’s dence. I used 1/3 cup purple yum.

      • Floured Frame says:

        Sounds like there could be multiple factors that could have caused it, but my main guess is that you probably added too much flour.
        My recipes are always tested in grams, and while I do add cups to the recipe, grams are always my preferred method of measurement.

        Avoid scooping the measuring cup directly into the flour. This tends to pack the flour into the cup, resulting in too much flour and a very dense or gummy finished product.
        Instead, aerate your flour (fluff it with a fork or spoon) and then spoon it into your measuring cups, leveling it with your finger or the back of a butter knife.
        Keep in mind though, that this method is not guaranteed to be accurate.

        If you need more help, watch this video from King Arthur on how to properly measure your flour:

        Hope this helps!

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